Monday Mood

I barely got enough sleep last night, but at least it was good sleep.

The day went ok.  I chose to work through lunch instead of going to the gym because I was in the middle of something.  That was a mistake, because by time I got done with work today, I could barely stay awake!

My afternoon fatigue in the last week has been awfully bad (please don’t let it be AF again).  I hope it’s just still from being sick.  I lied down on the bed after work when I was on the phone and I thought I was going to fall asleep.  Dinner picked me up a bit.  By that point it was too late.  If I workout after 6 pm, I am pretty much guaranteed not to sleep at night (yes, that means every LUNA Tuesday).

Booked someone to mow my grass this week.  I just don’t have the time.  Thanks ODB for the urging me to do so.

It’s early to bed for me, because tomorrow is a LONG day!

Slow Saturday

Well I didn’t get the rain that everyone else did Friday night or even Saturday morning.  But the front was definitely here in the am!  Windows were immediately opened and the AC cut OFF!

The only motivation I had this morning was to eat and clean.  I got a ton accomplished before noon.  I finally hung all my decor in my room minus 1 large piece that I need help with.

I guess progress was exhausting, so much I took a 2 hour nap!  After the nap I had no motivation at all, probably because it finally started raining.  I watched the rain through open windows for a good while.  SO relaxing!  I made it to the gym at 4:30, better late than never.  I didn’t run this morning because I am honestly still tired and a little weak.  The gym took all I had to get 30 minutes out.  Patience with myself is going to be necessary.

It was honestly so nice to have nothing planned for a day.  I know I need extra rest, I just thought I would be 100% by now.

Finally Friday

Thank goodness it’s Friday.  Like seriously.

Monday-worked late on special project.  Why? Because my coworker sucks and the biggies know it, but for some reason they still have this person in one of my former roles.  I know I set the bar high, but come on.

Started feeling bad about 2.  Fought nausea the whole way home.  Got a little sick.  Went to bed super early to try to make it go away.  No such luck.  REALLY sick at 9 pm.

Tuesday-felt like death.  Had a low fever.  My whole body was sore.  I suspect food poisoning.  I only think I made it to work in one piece because ODB was on the phone with me.  I only went for a big presentation.  I got sent home at 8 and my presentation postponed.  Luckily ODB stayed on the phone with me on way home. I was only able to eat cereal and corn cakes (like rice cake).   i don’t usually eat either, so I had to go grab them quickly.   Everything else seriously made me gag.  I slept almost all day.

Wednesday:  Woke up feeling SO much better.  Not 100%.  I still wasn’t able to eat much but it was improvement.  Tried soup at lunch, and I could only find something rich at HEB which was NOT good.   Worked super late. That night I threw away ALL food from my office and my fridge.  I have NO idea what caused it.

Thursday: Even better, still not 100%.  Swam at lunch, my first workout of week.  Ate normal food.  Even had a date with sister to eat and watch Sons of Anarchy.  Not sure I convinced her with that first episode this season!

Friday:  Friday is the WORST day of the week at work.  We really have to work for our weekends, lol.  My appetite caught up with me from earlier in the week!  Attempted cardio at lunch, could feel I wasn’t 100%, but maybe 80%.  Worked with my girls at packet pickup for a race all afternoon and evening.

Hope to wake up Saturday or Sunday and be back to normal :-)   It’s unreal how a little food poisoning can lay you out on your ass for a week!

Fun Facts Friday

  • I really love fall.
  • I plan on decorating for fall this weekend, I don’t care if it’s September.  Heck, HEB has had pumpkins out since August!
  • I am not a fan of University of Texas football
  • I tend to root for the underdog, unless it’s UT or Alabama, I always like them to lose.
  • I really love a good rain storm.  I REALLY miss rain.
  • Yes, I am one of those chicks that loves pumpkin, but I prefer real pumpkin treats.
  • I love watching college football.  No particular team really.  I’m still an Auburn fan, but I don’t go to the parties anymore.
  • I would like to go to a Texas A&M game this season
  • My college doesn’t have football.  At the time they only had baseball, volleyball and basketball.  Now I think they have more sports, but still no football.  I am sure that is coming eventually.
  • I’ve never been to a pro football game.   I went to 1 college game when I was in school.  It was Texas A&M and Colorado.

Bring on the cooler weather!  I am READY!

Saturday smiles

I headed home Friday later than planned.  Wasn’t feeling the greatest, but I had a hair appt and family commitments on Saturday.  I missed my race Friday night which was a bummer, but one of my friends was able to sub my spot in our relay.

Didn’t sleep well at home, which is nothing new.  I usually sleep crummy when I go home.  Started feeling better mid-morning, despite the heat and humidity.  Mom and I took some special event historic tours in my hometown, which was really cool.  

Went to see my godson after lunch.  It had been a month since I had seen him last, which was way too long.  We had fun watching Cookie Monster, playing basketball, and being silly.

It was only about 24 hours but it was time well spent.

Back at my house now, drove through tons of rain to get here.  NOTHING North of Austin.  Bummer.

Tomorrow you will find me prepping for the week, cleaning, and praying for rain!