Best is yet to come


I really believe everything happens for a reason.  Lately I honestly have had to remind myself of that.

Next week I will likely be MIA from blog-land because I will be out of town on business all week.  I seriously doubt I will have the time or the energy to blog.  But I am certain the week will result in some interesting blog posts.  I LOVE those events.  It’s the weeks leading up to them that are insane.

I am pretty sure I will sleep all of next weekend because I will TOTALLY need it.  It’ll be worth it.


Fun Facts Friday

  • It’s a snow day,  I didn’t have to work today (ok more of an ice day)
  • I got WAY more done today than in a usual day.  Go me!  Cleaning, gym, taxes, groceries, cooking, and Netflix movie!
  • People were making fun of the ice day, but it’s serious around here.  People don’t know how to drive or act in it and it causes more problems.  That’s why everyone needs to stay at home.
  • Today is my grandmother’s birthday, she would have been 94.
  • I am all  kinds of anxious to get moved into a new place
  • AIP is going well.  I don’t miss everything quite as much anymore.
  • My foot still aches from the futon incident.  It didn’t hurt during the race though.
  • My fingers are crossed that the chafing I developed during the race doesn’t scar!  It was BAD!  And yes, there was Body Glide before the race.
  • My dad is leading a 4 day retreat right now for church.  I am so proud of him and all of the dedication and hard work he’s put in.
  • I’m missing sweatshirts and yoga pants
  • Speaking of yoga, I really need to get back into it.  I keep letting life get in the way
  • I finally wrapped Evan’s Birthday gift, which was ordered in November.  Fingers crossed no one else buys him the same thing!

Fun facts Friday

Well I don’t know if I would consider them all that fun this week!

  • My foot felt better after icing for a few days.  Ran on it Tuesday and it was fine.  After Thursday wasn’t so good.  It’s still sore across the top :-(
  • I may have a place of my own soon!
  • I am nervous about Sunday’s race.  I am not ready.  I keep telling myself to just have fun.
  • I took a personal day Wednesday.  Not something I do enough.  It was pretty awesome.
  • Just as soon as I posted my excitement for the 3 day weekend on Facebook, things started to change.  And not for the better. Saturday plans were completely scrapped.  I had no words, just tears.
  • There are 2 more days to this long weekend, but Saturday I had my heart set on for a while
  • AIP totally had reduced my inflammation.  HAD because I cheated once and it made me bloated and miserable.  Back to strict AIP with structured reintroduction.
  • I’m still a sucker for greeting cards
  • And goofing around at Buccee’s

Fun Facts Friday

  • I still want to learn how to swim properly.
  • My hair is finally starting to get longer!
  • I have 2 James Avery charm bracelets.  One is overflowing, the other is slowly being built.  Both are very special to me.  One day I am going to blog about the meaning of each.
  • I am dying to go crazy in the kitchen again, but I only halfway cook since I’m in a temporary situation.  It’s only me to cook for 90% of the time, which is still and adjustment for me.
  • AIP is hard.  I want tortilla chips.  And salsa.  And just a little cheese.  And chocolate. It’s only been 8 days, I need to give it a full shot to see if it helps.  I’ve been feeling better, but not 100%.
  • I have a race VERY soon.  I am SO not ready.  I may be running with mom if she’s not still injured.
  • Drive by Truckers AND Lucero are both coming to Austin soon, not soon enough!  I have tickets for both already
  • I miss my friends.  I need to make the rounds and see everyone I can soon
  • There is no better feeling than feeling loved and appreciated

Fun Facts Friday

  • I am working retail for the first time in 9 years.  I like my holiday job.  People are a lot nicer than I remembered them being.  Who am I kidding?  It’s the quality of people I am sure.  Different city.  Different culture.  Different clientele.
  • I’ve surprisingly only bought myself a few small things with my nice discount.  I should probably look ahead to get something good for myself before the discount goes away in a few weeks.
  • My Christmas shopping this year was stress free and 0 physical effort.
  • I worked more days at my holiday job this week than I did at my real job.
  • I ran a 5 mile Christmas light run on Tuesday.  That was probably the 5th time i’ve run since Shiner.  I’m just not feeling it after that day.  It was a bad race mentally.
  • I have a new cortisol test pending.  Will see if anything has changed since last year.  Fingers crossed it has
  • I am only waking up once or not at all during the night now.  YES!
  • Transferred to another Dr. in the practice.  One that is supposed to be the best for hashi’s.  We will see where that goes
  • More labs this past week.  Fingers cross these help with making progress

happy friday!

Fun Facts Friday: Black Friday Edition

Feels like a Sunday to me.  I am SO glad it’s only Friday.  2 more days until Monday.  What WILL I do with myself?

Ok, I know what I would like to do, but unfortunately time, distance, and other barriers prohibit that from happening.

Black Friday Edition of Fun Facts Friday:

  • My mom, sister, and I always go shopping on Thanksgiving night.  Even in high school when Garden Ridge Pottery was the only thing open.
  • Last night my mom and I went to Kohl’s and I bought my godson and myself a few things.
  • I bought my godson’s birthday gift yesterday on Amazon.  I couldn’t wait to order it.  His birthday is the same week as mine.  My little groundhog ;-)
  • I have not bought Evan a Christmas gift.  Backwards, I know.
  • I have a holiday job for the first time ever (well other than when I worked retail in college).  I did not have to work black Friday.
  • I did a turkey trot with mom and a bunch of my running buddies yesterday.  Apparently I stepped in dog poop before we started and had a huge pile of it on my shoe for all 4 miles.
  • I woke up by alarm today because I wanted to go to the gym early.  And I stayed up too late last night. Waking was not easy.
  • I had to cut my workout short for good reason.  I came in the gym and left the gym in 2 different workout outfits.  I took a shower between outfits.
  • I had breakfast out this morning.  With good company.  Great company.  The best company.
  • I did a little shopping today with my mom after I got done with breakfast.  I have no shame shopping in gym shorts.
  • I watched the first whole college football game this season.  LSU vs Arkansas.  I was not happy with the ending there.
  • Ever since I got home this afternoon i’ve done nothing but veg.  Read articles, watch football, lay around.  I forgot what that’s like.  It was kind of nice.  Of course, certain things would have improved the happiness factor.
  • I vocalized one of my blessings again this morning and I may have cried.  I only cried because it’s that important.

Catching up

I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging, but I rarely take my personal laptop with me when I travel.  And I have been gone.  A lot.  I did this week, but it just stayed in the trunk of my car.  Eventually I will get back to my regular schedule (well the parts I want back!)

Halloween was pretty uneventful.  We had a happy hour and dinner with costumes the Monday before the holiday.  I didn’t dress up for work, I had planned on it, but had an unexpected meeting.


New toys.  My headphones broke Sunday at the gym, so I went and got some inexpensive new ones to tide me over until I figure out what I want.

IMG_2488[1]I am seeing what the Withings Pulse is like.  I am a dork when it comes to science and data.  I remember when I got my first Garmin Forerunner, I was hooked.  Then when I got a fancier Garmin, forget it!  I would analyze everything that came off that thing.  Nicole told me Stacy from PaleoMom loves hers, so I decided to go that way instead of another brand or model.

Got to see this guy on Sunday afternoon.  LOVE!  He’s walking a little bit and getting so big.  Miss his face!


I spent the whole week in San Antonio for work.  Long days, but it went well and I had fun.

I gave up my room at our host hotel, because one of my coworkers needed the room more than I did.  But the last night, I got this:

IMG_2541[1]The suite was awesome.  It was like a badass apartment.  Top of the hotel with the best views.


I wish  I had been there the whole time!  The room I had  given up was an upgrade, but not top of the line suite nice :-)  My boss left early, so I got to enjoy the suite.  Boy did I sleep well.

Got off early today because I had worked too much for the week.  Good stuff :-)  Zoe’s for lunch, Orange is the New Black on Netflix, and yoga pants.

Fun facts Friday: like momma

I realized while I was in San Francisco last week, that I am more like my mom that I thought.  This is a good and a bad thing.

  • I make lists.  When I am bored I make lists of lists I need to make.  
  • On both flights last week, I made lists on the notepad of my phone.  I edited the first one on Wednesday, but I originally wrote it April 4 on my way out to Cali.  If my mom knew how do do this on her new iphone, she would.lists
  • Lists lead me to be more organized most of the time and hopefully worry less.  Unless stuff on said list doesn’t get done soon enough.
  • I am a planner.  I do better when I plan.  When I don’t plan, it’s not the end of the world.  Unless it means I don’t get to eat, then all hell breaks loose.
  • She has the same haircut as me.  I had it first though.
  • We both lost our weight on Weight Watchers.
  • She likes to fish with my dad.  I spent many hours fishing with my dad when I was in college. Hopefully as soon as June rolls around (and the legislative session is over), I can take some time off to go with them.   Although, spring and fall fishing is way better.
  • I am frugal.  My parents spoiled me as a kid, but it was never at full price.  When Solo Serve was around, we shopped there.  Ross, TJ, and Marshall’s are faves these days for both mom and I.  And I love a good outlet mall store.  My first truck, yes, it was brand new, but my Sonic wages and tips paid for that sucker.
  • I worry.  ALOT.  This is bad bad bad for the health.
  • Both of my parents snack alot.  I’ve gotten better but I still eat when I cook.  This is something i’ve never been able to nix.
  • When I am at work, I worry about all of the stuff I need to do at home.  I am getting better about worrying about work while at home.
  • One of the really bad things I do is let the snark come out full force or snip.  I have huge issues with my tone.  My mom is really bad about this.  I am trying to be better, but Dan harshly reminds me of this often.

The bad I am really going to have to try hard to fix for my sanity and for my health.  It’s not hard to see that some of my habits are very type A and type A’s have been shown to have increased risk for stress issues.

Fun facts Friday

For fun facts Friday this week, I decided it’s just going to be a random assortment of stuff from the last week.  Since i’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to think, blog, or do much of anything.

  • Tuesday was the only SXSW I did this year.  I was ok with that.  I had an awesome time on Tuesday.
  • I helped Dan work on his jeep Saturday and Sunday.  Can’t say I love it as much as he does.  Seriously.  His boss emailed me today to ask if he sleeps with it.
  • Thin Mint Sprint is tomorrow.  Last year I vowed i’d come back and win it.  Instead?  I am cheering and hosting a LUNA Chix tent.  I wish I was doing both.  It’s been almost 3 months of no running.  I MAY be able to try again next week.
  • I went home for less than 24 hours last week.  In that 24 hours I drove 2 hours each way, saw my parents, saw baby Evan, planted garden with dad, had an excellent walk around the Ville, got my hair colored, and went to Trader Joe’s.  Oh and I worked from mom and dad’s house for 4 hours which SUCKED.
  • Please let it rain and not be so hot this summer.  For my sanity at work and for dad’s garden!  Right now only collard greens and cabbage are producing.  But I helped plant blackberries, grapes, tomatoes, jalapeno, and a few other things.  I saved and dried some kabocha seeds, which I hope grow!  Not sure he’s planted those yet.  I roasted one for them Saturday for lunch and they loved it!  Hoping he gets a yield, because I ate GOOD out of his garden last year.  Tomatoes, squashes galore, greens, peppers, etc.

dad garden

My “nephew” Evan.  He’s my BFF’s son.evan solo

He was awake this time and much less fragile at 6 weeks than he was at 1.  I wasn’t scared of holding him at all. And I got peed on.  I say he was marking me as his favorite aunt ;-)   Yeah, I didn’t even put forth the effort of makeup last Friday.

evan awake


I wish I could say I had a lazy weekend planned, but I unfortunately have a ton of stuff to do.  Going out of town tonight AND Sunday night.  We’ll be burning up 35.

Fun Facts Friday

I am so excited about new things right now, i’m such a dork.

  • my stand up desk.  I have stood except in meetings and while eating breakfast and lunch everyday this week.  My feet hurt at the end of the day, but I am not used to standing AT ALL during the day.
  • I am more productive standing up, but I don’t type as fast.  Weird.
  • My kombucha brew.   I am getting impatient waiting for it to be ready for bottling and flavoring.  I tasted it a few days ago and it wasn’t ready, too sweet :-(
  • Speaking of kombucha, I am totally addicted.  Even drinking half a bottle a day is expensive, now I know what Starbucks addicts deal with
  • I canned some spicy carrots on Monday, I hope they are ready today.
  • Tried a couple of new recipes that rock, will be posting reviews soon.
  • I really want to take Dan to Enchanted Rock this weekend, he’s never been and I haven’t been since I was a freshman in college for a geology class
  • We are trying to decide on bids for our deck.  I am getting REALLY impatient, this was supposed to happen last spring.  We have a giant backyard and never go out there because are patio is tiny, like 10×10 tiny.  And it has a smoker, grill, table, plants, and a cooler on it too.  I want to enjoy the weather and finally landscape that sucker too.  Dan didn’t want any landscaping in the backyard until the deck is built.
  • I am getting inducted into the sorority’s topaz society next Saturday.  Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to travel to College Station for the ceremony.  I can’t believe it’s been over 10 years since I was an OPA pledge.
  • They aren’t new, but i’ve been rocking my Ahnu shoes extra lately.  They are the most comfortable to wear for standing at work and they are adorable too.  I can’t wait to get another pair.